Regular Toronto Python User's Group (PyGTA) meeting next Tuesday

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Tue Mar 13 23:25:16 CET 2007

We will be having our regular monthly PyGTA meeting on the 20th of 
March, 2007.  Our planned topic is an introduction to the One Laptop Per 
Child project, and particularly the Python-coded Sugar development 
environment.  We'll probably also have some discussion on news and 
events in the Python world, such as the University of Toronto choosing 
Python as its first-year teaching language.

As usual we will be meeting in the cool and funky Linux Caffe.  It's 
located at the corner of Grace and Harbord streets in downtown Toronto.  
We start gathering around 6:30pm and get started with the more formal 
discussions around 7:00pm.  We normally wrap up the formal session 
between 8:30 and 9:00 and head out for beer, ice-cream and the like.

Have fun all,

  Mike C. Fletcher
  Designer, VR Plumber, Coder

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