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Sat Mar 17 01:25:46 CET 2007

== Meeting: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 ==

 * Time: 6-8 PM

 * Location: bivio Software, Inc., 28th and Iris, Boulder, CO. Above
Hair Elite in  Suite S. There is abundant parking.

This Wednesday (March 21) we have a great lineup of PyCon 2007 talks
from local presenters:

 * Matt Boersma will present "Write Less Code with XRC for wxPython":
an easier way to do GUI layout using wxWidget's XML-based resource

 * Sean Reifschneider will present "Python and vim: Two great tastes
that go great together". The vim editor includes extensive abilities
for customization and scripting. In addition to its own simple macro
language, vim also supports calling Python code. This Python code has
access back into vim for manipulating the edit buffer as well as
running normal vim commands. Examples demonstrated in this talk will
include automatically detecting indentation style (tabs/N spaces),
automatic update of DNS "serial" numbers when editing DNS zone files,
mail alias tab-expansion, and a time tracking application using a
"domain specific vim" as the user interface.

Other items to talk about:

 * BoulderSprint. The next sprint will be April 28 on the IPython1
Beta. This would be an excellent opportunity to learn about
decorators, Twisted, and other advanced Python concepts while helping
getting this amazing shell to beta status.

 * Google Summer of Code. The Python Software Foundation's application
to join GSoC was just approved. It's not too late to be a mentor. But
the student application deadline is March 24!

We will have food & drink available as usual. Hope to see you there!

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