ANN: Schevo 3.0

Matthew Scott gldnspud at
Wed Mar 21 20:02:51 CET 2007

Orbtech, L.L.C. and the Schevo team are pleased to announce the
availability of Schevo version 3.0.

After nearly two years of refinement, the third generation of Schevo,
a next-generation DBMS for Python, has been deemed ready to be
stripped of "beta" status.

Don't let that fool you though:  Schevo has been in production use
during that entire time as its development is driven by real-world use

Get started with Schevo right away:

Learn more about Schevo and related projects:

What is Schevo?

Rapid Development:
It's easy and fun to create even the most complex of databases. Easily
write and understand schema syntax. Quickly place required initial
data directly in your schema; use the same syntax to create sets of
sample data for development use.

Rich Schema Definition:
Write database schemata using concise, easy-to-read Python code. Your
schema will describe not only database structure, but also all
transactions and rules that ensure database integrity.

Automated Schema Evolution:
Deploy a Schevo database and use it to store valuable data, then
easily make further changes to the structure of the database. Use
Schevo's tools to help restructure a database and safely migrate data
from one schema version to the next.

Transaction Based:
Schevo protects your data. Use transactions to make all changes to a
Schevo database (it's the only way it allows you to!), and you can
trust Schevo to ensure that your database is left in a consistent
state at all times.

User Interface Generation:
User interface code takes advantage of the richness of your database
schema. Use a full-featured database navigator to interact with your
database without writing a single line of code outside your database
schema. Build customized UIs using Schevo-aware widgets and UI tools.

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