itools 0.15.2 released

"J. David Ibáñez" jdavid at
Thu Mar 22 14:52:46 CET 2007

itools 0.15.2 (2007/03/22)

itools is a Python library, it groups a number of packages into a single
meta-package for easier development and deployment:
  itools.catalog        itools.http             itools.uri
  itools.cms            itools.i18n             itools.vfs
  itools.csv            itools.ical             itools.web
  itools.datatypes      itools.rss              itools.workflow
  itools.gettext        itools.schemas          itools.xhtml
  itools.handlers       itools.stl              itools.xliff
  itools.html           itools.tmx              itools.xml

This release brings tons of changes, many more than it is reasonable
to do for just a minor version bump.

 - The speed of the iCalendar handler has been radically improved,
   specifically for searches. We have added reverse indexes and now
   the method "search" offers the same API as the CSV handler.
 - A new module, "itools.i18n.locale", has been added to provide support
   for locale information like dates.
 - The database system for "itools.cms" has been re-worked. The code
   is cleaner, faster and more robust.
 - There have been major user interface improvements in "itools.cms".
   Most notably, a drop-down menu has replaced the tabs. There is also
   a new menu in the left column called "Main Menu", with links to the
   most frequently used views.
   Other improvements involve the folder's browse view (sort by size,
   localized last modification time), and the JavaScript calendar
   widget, which is multilingual now.
 - The Wiki and Calendar objects of "itools.cms" have been improved.
   The first has a new "export to PDF" feature and has a generally
   better user interface. The second has an improved weekly view.
 - A new object has been added to "itools.cms": Web-Site. Its intended
   purpose is to be the root of a public (extranet) or private (intranet)
   site; so a single "itools.cms" instance may host several web sites,
   with a shared user database.
 - The user management and control access interfaces of "itools.cms" have
   been re-worked. And now we have two security policies: intranet or

   Also, now users have the fields "firstname" and "lastname" (instead of
   just one field for the fullname).

 - The API of "itools.cms" has been tweaked to make easier several tasks,
   most notably to define custom skins, to use the "table" widget, and
   to validate forms.


 - Luis Belmar Letelier helped fixing bugs;
 - Hervé Cauwelier worked on "itools.cms" (Wiki, CSS), got the API of
   "itools.web" working as documented, and fixed bugs;
 - Nicolas Deram worked on "itools.ical", "itools.cms.ical", and fixed
 - J. David Ibáñez worked on the user interface of "itools.cms" and
   the related programming interface, on the performance of "itools.ical"
   and fixed bugs.




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