EuroPython 2007: Call for Proposals

Michael Hudson micahel at
Mon Mar 26 00:37:47 CEST 2007

Book Monday 9th July to Wednesday 11th July 2007 in your calendar!
EuroPython 2007, the European Python and Zope Conference, will be held in
Vilnius, Lithuania.  Last year's conference was a great success, featuring
a variety of tracks, amazing lightning talks and inspiring keynotes.  With
your participation, we want to make EuroPython 2007, the sixth EuroPython,
even more successful than the previous five.

Talks, Papers and Themes

This year we have decided to borrow a few good ideas from PyCon, one of
which is to move away from the 'track' structure.  Instead, speakers are
invited to submit presentations about anything they have done that they
think would be of interest to the Python community.  We will then arrange
them into related groups and schedule them in the space available.  In the
past, EuroPython participants have found the following themes to be of

 * Science
 * Python Language and Libraries
 * Web Related Technologies
 * Education
 * Games
 * Agile Methodologies and Testing
 * Social Skills

In addition to talks, we will also accept full paper submissions about any
of the above themes.  The Call for Refereed Papers will be posted shortly.

The deadline for talk proposals is Friday 18th May at midnight (24:00
CEST, Central European Summer Time, UTC+2).

Other ways to participate

Apart from giving talks, there are plenty of other ways to participate in
the conference.  Just attending and talking to people you find here can be
satisfying enough, but there are three other kinds of activity you may wish
to plan for: Lightning Talks, Open Space and Sprints.  Lightning Talks are
very short talks that give you just enough time to introduce a topic or
project, Open Space is an area reserved for informal discussions, and
Sprints are focused gatherings for developers interested in particular
projects.  For more information please see the following pages:

 * Lightning Talks:
 * Open Space:
 * Sprints:

Your Contribution

To propose a talk or a paper, go to...


For more general information on the conference, please visit...


Looking forward to seeing what you fine folk have been up to,

The EuroPython Team

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