ANN: Gracie v0.2 -- a local-account OpenID provider

Ben Finney ben+openid at
Wed Mar 28 05:09:25 CEST 2007

Howdy all,

I'm pleased to announce the creation of the Gracie project.

What is Gracie?

Gracie is an OpenID server (a "provider" in OpenID terminology) that 
serves OpenID identities for the local system PAM accounts. It 
authenticates users with a username/password challenge.

The OpenID protocol is documented at <URL:>.

Gracie is intended for use within trusted environments that have an 
existing authentication system available via PAM (e.g. most GNU/Linux 
environments), that would like to provide OpenIDs for all local users 
instead of maintaining disparate web-based accounts for local 

What can Gracie do now?

Gracie 0.2 is still alpha-development software, not intended for use 
in production environments. That said, this version does satisfy some 
basic requirements.

Currently Gracie can serve OpenID 1.1 authentication for local PAM 
users. It will authenticate the user with a web form, using the PAM 
system where the Gracie server is running. It assumes that any 
consumer request for identity is authorised to be given the user's 

What improvements are needed?

The current state of Gracie is functional but still needs much 
improvement. Please check the TODO.txt file in the source package for 
a list of improvements that need to be made.

As of this announcement, Gracie version 0.2 is available.

The project's home page is <URL:>.

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