Rope 0.5 released

Ali Gholami Rudi aligrudi at
Sun May 6 08:58:30 CEST 2007

Rope 0.5 is released.  You can get it from


`rope`_ is a python refactoring IDE and library.  The IDE uses the
library to provide features like refactoring, code assist, and
auto-completion.  It is written in python.  The IDE uses `Tkinter`

.. _`rope`:

New Features

New features since 0.4:


* Moving methods
* Replace method with method object
* Renaming occurrences in strings and comments
* Stoppable refactorings
* Automatic SOI analysis
* Basic implicit interfaces
* Performing change signature in class hierarchies
* Change occurrences
* Saving history across sessions
* Saving object data to disk
* Enhanced static object inference
* Adding ``rename when unsure`` option
* Holding per name information for builtin containers
* Adding ``.ropeproject`` folder
* Supporting generator functions
* Handling ``with`` statements

IDE and UI:

* Generating python elements; ``C-c n ...``
* Spell-checker; ``M-$`` and ``C-x $ ...``
* Saving locations and texts; ``C-x m ...``
* Open Type; ``C-x C-t``
* Showing current file history; ``C-x p 1 h``
* Registering templates in ``~/.rope``
* Filling paragraphs in text modes; ``M-q``
* Yanking; ``M-y``
* Repeating last command; ``C-x z``
* Showing annotations(codetag/error/warning list); ``C-c a ...``
* Auto-completing function keyword arguments when calling
* Execute command; ``M-x``
* Changing editor font and keybinding in ``~/.rope``
* Having two keybindings emacs/normal
* Removing extra spaces and lines; ``C-c C-f``
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