ANN: parley 0.2

Jacob Lee artdent at
Wed May 9 21:09:19 CEST 2007

Release Announcement: PARLEY version 0.2

PARLEY is an API for writing Python programs that implement the Actor
model of distributed systems, in which lightweight concurrent processes
communicate through asynchronous message-passing. Actor systems typically
are easier to write and debug than traditional concurrent programs that
use locks and shared memory.

PARLEY can run using either traditional native threads or user-space
threads (i.e. the "tasklets" implemented by Stackless Python). A program
written using PARLEY can choose between the two by changing a single line
of code.

Code samples, documentation, and source code can be found at the PARLEY
home page:

PARLEY is licensed under the LGPL.

Jacob Lee <artdent at>

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