SQLObject 0.9.0

Oleg Broytmann phd at phd.pp.ru
Thu May 10 17:25:33 CEST 2007


I'm pleased to announce the 0.9.0 release of SQLObject, the first stable
release of the 0.9 branch.

What is SQLObject

SQLObject is an object-relational mapper.  Your database tables are described
as classes, and rows are instances of those classes.  SQLObject is meant to be
easy to use and quick to get started with.

SQLObject supports a number of backends: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and
Firebird.  It also has newly added support for Sybase, MSSQL and MaxDB (also
known as SAPDB).

Where is SQLObject



Mailing list:



News and changes:

What's New

Features & Interface

* Support for Python 2.2 has been declared obsolete.

* Removed actively deprecated attributes;
  lowered deprecation level for other attributes to be removed after 0.9.

* SQLite connection got columnsFromSchema(). Now all connections fully support
  fromDatabase. There are two version of columnsFromSchema() for SQLite -
  one parses the result of "SELECT sql FROM sqlite_master" and the other
  uses "PRAGMA table_info"; the user can choose one over the other by using
  "use_table_info" parameter in DB URI; default is False as the pragma is
  available only in the later versions of SQLite.

* Changed connection.delColumn(): the first argument is sqlmeta, not
  tableName (required for SQLite).

* SQLite connection got delColumn(). Now all connections fully support
  delColumn(). As SQLite backend doesn't implement "ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN"
  delColumn() is implemented by creating a new table without the column,
  copying all data, dropping the original table and renaming the new table.

* Versioning - see http://sqlobject.org/Versioning.html

* MySQLConnection got new keyword "conv" - a list of custom converters.

* Use logging if it's available and is configured via DB URI.

* New columns: TimestampCol to support MySQL TIMESTAMP type;
  SetCol to support MySQL SET type;
  TinyIntCol for TINYINT; SmallIntCol for SMALLINT;
  MediumIntCol for MEDIUMINT; BigIntCol for BIGINT.

Small Features

* Support for MySQL INT type attributes: UNSIGNED, ZEROFILL.

* Support for DEFAULT SQL attribute via defaultSQL keyword argument.

* cls.tableExists() as a shortcut for conn.tableExists(cls.sqlmeta.table).

* cls.deleteMany(), cls.deleteBy().

Bug Fixes

* idName can be inherited from the parent sqlmeta class.

* Fixed a longstanding bug with .select() ignoring 'limit' parameter.

* Fixed a bug with absent comma in JOINs.

* Fixed sqlbuilder - .startswith(), .endswith() and .contains() assumed
  their parameter must be a string; now you can pass an SQLExpression:
  Table.q.name.contains(func.upper('a')), for example.

* Fixed a longstanding bug in sqlbuilder.Select() with groupBy being a

* Fixed a bug with Aliases in JOINs.

* Yet another patch to properly initialize MySQL connection encoding.

* Fixed a minor comparison problem in test_decimal.py.

* Fixed a bug in SQLRelatedJoin that ignored per-instance connection.


* Added documentation about 'validator' Col constructor option.

* Added an answer and examples to the FAQ on how to use sqlmeta.createSQL.

* Added an example on how to configure logging.

* More documentation about orderBy.

For a more complete list, please see the news:

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