ANN: PyMite release 05

dwhall dwhall256 at
Thu May 10 18:06:02 CEST 2007

.. Hello,
   I would like to announce the fifth release of PyMite.
   PyMite is still in its experimental stages.
   It works pretty well, but you need to know C, makefiles
   and how to cross-compile using gcc or other compiler.


:Author:    Dean Hall
:Copyright: Copyright 2002 Dean Hall.
            All of the source code for PyMite is licensed under
            the GNU General Public License v2,
            except for AT91SAM7 files released by Atmel without
:Release:   05


PyMite is a flyweight Python interpreter written from scratch to
on 8-bit and larger microcontrollers with resources as limited as 64
of program memory (flash) and 4 KiB of RAM. PyMite supports a subset
the Python 2.5 syntax and can execute a subset of the Python 2.5
PyMite can also be compiled, tested and executed on a desktop


My thanks go to these people for their contribution to this release of

    - Philipp Adelt: Threading!  Enhancements to,
      issues and fixes.
    - for providing quality,
      free project hosting on

Release Notes

This is PyMite release 05

* Release 05, 2007/05/10
* Release 04, 2006/12/14
* Release 03, 2006/09/18
* Release 02, 2006/08/11 - Sourceforge release.  Do not use.
* Release 01, 2003/03/18 - Internal release only

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