[ANN] pyx12-1.4.0 released

John Holland john at zoner.org
Thu May 10 22:22:33 CEST 2007

pyx12-1.4.0 is available at http://pyx12.sourceforge.net/

What is Pyx12?
Pyx12 is a HIPAA X12 document validator and converter. X12 files are a
form of electronic data interchange.  The HIPAA transaction standard
requires certain types of healthcare data to be transmitted in this

Pyx12 parses an ANSI X12N (Healthcare) data file and validates it
against a representation of the Implementation Guidelines for a HIPAA
transaction. By default, it creates a 997 response. It can also create
an HTML representation of the X12 document or can translate to and
from several XML representations of the data file.

What's New:
This is primarily a feature release:

Run-time Map Customization:
The validation specifications for each X12 transaction are contained
in XML files (map files). For a particular transaction, the map file
describes the loops, segments, and elements; their relationships,
their requirement conditions; and their data types. As XML files,
their contents can be altered using XSL transformations. The parsing
and validation of an X12 document can be altered by giving one or more
XSLT files as command line arguments. The XSLT files are applied to
the correct map for the X12 document in turn. Using this feature, the
validation of the document can be made more or less restrictive.

The XSL transform should be written so that it only affects the
intended map file. Applying the XSLT to any other map should result in
no change. Also, the resulting XML map must validate against the XML
Schema file 'map.xsd'.

Regular Expression Element Value Validation:
XSL transforms can also be used to apply a regular expression to a map
element node. This allows further element value validation. See
example XSLT files in %PYTHONDIR%\test\files and the XML Schema file
'map.xsd' for more details. For syntax, see python regular expression

Windows installation using the python generated EXE file has been
fixed.  Map location lookups have been fixed.  See
http://pyx12.sourceforge.net/install.html for more information.

The original maps (pre A1) have been removed from the package.

XML Schemas for the maps and for dataele.xml have been created.
Non-conforming maps have been fixed.


pyx12 is released under the BSD license.

John Holland
Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
jholland at kazoocmh.org

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