PyPy EU project period finishing up

holger krekel holger at
Mon May 14 20:56:39 CEST 2007

Hi all,

puh! ... The 28 months of the PyPy[*] EU project period have been
an intense experience on many levels.  We wrote a summary of results,
development methods and experiences here:

and are now heading for the final review meeting in Bruxelles (31st May).
Most involved people look forward to some resting and letting the dust settle
before tackling next steps and sprints. 



[*] The PyPy project aims to generate flexible and fast Python Implementations
    for various target environments and provides largely re-usable capabilities
    for implementing other dynamic languages.
    More info:

merlinux GmbH       Steinbergstr. 42    31139 Hildesheim  tel +49 5121 20800 75 (fax 77) 

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