PyRTF-0.46 RTF document creation library

Grant Edwards grante at
Fri May 18 23:48:30 CEST 2007

I'm making available what I'm calling version 0.46 of the pyRTF
library for Rich Text Format document creation.  The project's
official home is here:

Here's the "Brief Description" from that web page:

   PyRTF is a set of python classes that make it possible to
   produce RTF documents from python programs. The library has
   no external dependancies and in my own testing has proved
   reliable and fast. Three examples are included in the
   release that demonstrate some of the features of the
   library, I'll be adding to these when I can.

   PyRTF has been tested on the following OS's; W2K, WinXP,
   GNU/Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and on the following Word
   Processors; OpenOffice, Word95, Word97, Word2000, WordXP and
   MacWord (not sure which version).

However, the sourceforge progject appears to be abaondoned
(submitted patches have been open and ignored for 2+ years).

So, I'm making public a version that's been updated to include:

 1) support for EMF graphics objects.
    [yes, I wrote my own from scratch before I noticed somebody
    had submitted a patch almost two years ago].

 2) enhanced image scaling for all image types:
     * scaling by fixed percentage
     * scaling to fixed width or height (preserving aspect ratio)
     * scaling to fixed width and height (breaking aspect ratio)    

 3) create of images by passing file objects in addition to
    file names to Image() class constructor.

You can download the enhanced version from:

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