ANN: O'Reilly e-book, "Getting Started with Pyparsing"

Paul McGuire ptmcg at
Thu Nov 1 07:25:44 CET 2007

I'm happy to report the release of the O'Reilly ShortCut,
"Getting Started With Pyparsing."

This 65-page e-book goes into detail on Pyparsing's design
rationale, basic features, and a succession of applications.
"Getting Started With Pyparsing" covers a range of samples,
from an extended version of "Hello, World!" to a 100-line
search engine.  An index helps you quickly find descriptions
and sample uses of the most common Pyparsing classes and methods.

Several chapter excerpts are available online, including this
chapter on the Zen of Pyparsing:

For more details, see O'Reilly's web page:

-- Paul McGuire

(For those who have downloaded it, please add a review to the
book download page.)

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