CodeInvestigator version 0.6.0 released.

martien friedeman martien.friedeman at
Mon Nov 12 02:50:57 CET 2007

CodeInvestigator version 0.6.0 was released on November 8.

This version adds support for input() and raw_input() functions.

The main changes:

   * The 'Details' button on the file selection screen gives access  
to statistics, stdin and stdout for the running program. Control Z  
and control D keys in stdin are honored.

   * Keyword values are now recorded just like variable values.

   * Bug fixes. An expression that evaluates to a function call was  
not handled correctly.

CodeInvestigator is a tracing tool for Python programs.

Running a program trough CodeInvestigator creates a recording.  
Program flow, function calls, variable values and conditions are all  
stored for every line the program executes.

The recording is then viewed with an interface consisting of the  
code. The code can be clicked: A clicked variable displays its value,  
a clicked loop displays its iterations.

You read code, and have at your disposal all the run time details of  
that code. A computerized desk check tool and another way to learn  
about your program.

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