The Python Papers Monograph Series (TPPM): Call for Proposals

Maurice LING mauriceling at
Mon Nov 12 03:31:37 CET 2007

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The editorial committee of The Python Papers (ISSN 1834-3147) calls for 
proposals for The Python Papers Monograph Series.

Potential authors should contact the editors at editor at 
at an early stage of preparation.

We await your indications of interests.

Maurice Ling
Associate Editor, The Python Papers

What is The Python Papers Monograph Series?
The Python Papers Monograph Series (ISSN under application) is a 
sub-publication of The Python Papers (ISSN 1834-3147). This monograph 
series provides a refereed format for publication of monograph-length 
reports including dissertations, conference proceedings, case studies, 
advanced-level lectures, and similar material of theoretical or 
empirical importance. It does so quickly,  informally and at a high 
level, where the Python programming language is an integral aspect.

In some cases, the timeliness of a manuscript is more important than its 
form, which may be unfinished or unpolished. Hence, it is possible that 
proofs may be outlined with an intention to publish elsewhere at a later 

Refereeing is done by members of the The Python Papers' editorial board 
and other authorities in the topic concerned and may be acknowledged in 
name in the published form. Scientific quality is the over-riding 
criterion for refereeing.

Suggestions for publication, in the form of outlines and representative 
samples, are invited by the editorial board for assessment. Potential 
authors should contact the editors at editor at

Publication in this monograph series is intended as a service to the 
Python users and scientific community at large. Work in this series is 
licensed under the Creative Commons 2.5 license subject to Attribution,
Non-Commercial and Share-Alike conditions. The full legal code may be 
found at Once 
published and copyrighted, they can be documented and discussed in the 
scientific literature.

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