Mocker 0.8

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo at
Mon Nov 12 15:45:09 CET 2007

Hello Pythonistas,

Mocker 0.8 is now public.



- Graceful platform for test doubles in Python (mocks, stubs,
  fakes, and dummies).
- Inspiration from real needs, and also from pmock, jmock,
  pymock, easymock, etc.
- Expectation of expressions defined by actually using mock objects.
- Expressions may be replayed in any order by default,
- Trivial specification of ordering between expressions when wanted.
- Nice parameter matching for defining expectations on method calls.
- Good error messages when expectations are broken.
- Mocking of many kinds of expressions (getting/setting/deleting
  attributes, calling, iteration, containment, etc)
- Graceful handling of nested expressions (e.g.
- Mock "proxies", which allow passing through to the real object on
  specified expressions (e.g. useful with "os.path.isfile()").
- Mocking via temporary "patching" of existent classes and instances.
- Trivial mocking of any external module (e.g. "time.time()") via
  "proxy replacement".
- Mock objects may have method calls checked for conformance with
  real class/instance to prevent API divergence.
- Type simulation for using mocks while still performing certain
  type-checking operations.
- Nice (optional) integration with "unittest.TestCase", including
  additional assertions (e.g. "assertIs", "assertIn", etc).
- More ...

Gustavo Niemeyer

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