CPAE - package Python scripts into self-extracting executable for multiple platforms

tlassak at tlassak at
Fri Nov 16 11:01:34 CET 2007 is proud to announce the first release of CPAE (Cross
Platform Applications Engine).

It is a universal packager for script languages like Python 2.5 that
combines script applications, interpreter and runtime files into a
single self-extracting binary (exe) that can be executed immediately
on the target platform.

The current release 1.0 RC1 is free for download and unrestricted in
functionality. However the generated binaries are
restricted to 7 days runtime in the trial version.

A manual with installation, configuration, tool usage and examples is
available on the website.

You can find more information or download he product from

Supported platforms: Microsoft Windows (x86), Linux2 (x86), Solaris
(Sparc + x86).

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