ANN: pyglet 1.0beta2

Alex Holkner alex.holkner at
Mon Nov 19 06:26:50 CET 2007


I am pleased to announce pyglet 1.0 beta 2, a cross-platform windowing
and multimedia package useful for developing games and other
visually-rich applications.

pyglet is written entirely in Python, with no external requirements
needed to develop applications for Windows XP, Mac OS X or Linux.

pyglet allows applications to open any number of top-level windows and
draw into them using the OpenGL API.  Multiple-monitor setups are

Applications using pyglet can also play sound and music samples in
surround-sound, taking advantage of hardware acceleration where
available.  With the addition of a single DLL based on FFmpeg,
applications can read compressed sound and video in many formats.

pyglet is provided under the BSD open-source license, allowing you to
use it for both commercial and other open-source projects with very
little restriction.


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