ANN:Release of the first ViTables video

Vicent Mas (V+) vmas at
Tue Nov 20 18:14:58 CET 2007

 Release of the first ViTables video

`Carabos <>`_ is very happy to announce the
first of a series of videos dedicated to introducing the main features
of ViTables to the public.

`ViTables <>`_  is a GUI for `PyTables
<>`_. It allows to open arbitrarely large PyTables and
HDF5 files and browse their data and metadata in a variety of ways.

This first video is an introductory overview of ViTables, covering the
following topics:

 * data and metadata displaying
 * navigation of huge datasets
 * complex queries
 * attribute editing
 * object tree editing

It has a running length of about 9 minutes, so you can watch it during any
short break.

More videos about ViTables will be published in the near future. Stay
tuned on for their announcement.

We would like to hear your opinion on the video so we can do it better
the next time. We are also open to suggestions for the topics of
future videos.

Best regards,


 \ /	Vicent Mas
/   \	Cárabos Coop.	Enjoy Data
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