Ann: A Python interface to MOSEK.

erling.d.andersen at erling.d.andersen at
Thu Nov 22 10:34:28 CET 2007


I would like to announce a Python interface for MOSEK. MOSEK
is a software package for solution of large scale optimization
problems. Hence, MOSEK can solve

  * linear programming,
  * quadratic programming,
  * conic quadratic programming,
  * mixed-integer integer programming,
  * as well as nonlinear convex programming problems.

The Python interface to MOSEK makes it easy and efficient to
solve the above mentioned problem types from within Python.

A manual about the interface is available at

Further information about the interface is available at

The Python interface is included in the current version 5
of MOSEK. MOSEK is commercial software  but a free trial can be
downloaded at

Feel free to contact MOSEK if you have any questions or comments
about MOSEK and the Python interface. See
for contact details.

Best regards

Erling D. Andersen / CEO at MOSEK ApS

<p><A HREF=""> PyMosek version
5.0</A> A Python interface to MOSEK (22-Nov-2007) </p>

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