Google Highly Open Participation Contest

Titus Brown titus at
Wed Nov 28 06:45:42 CET 2007

Dear Python community,

I'm happy to announce that the Python Software Foundation is part of a
new Google Open Source program, the Highly Open Participation Contest.
This contest is an effort by Google to engage pre-college students in
open source programming: Google is offering prizes and awards for
completing a variety of tasks for several organizations.

You can read the official announcement of the PSF's involvement over on
the Python Software Foundation blog, at

or read about the overall Google Highly Open Participation Contest on
the GHOP page itself,

Python's project page is:

There are several ways that the community can help; please check out the

for more information.  We could use more mentors, and there's room for
~40 more tasks -- why not write one up on your own project?

Also be sure to thank the people who made this possible,

and, of course, Google!


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