Python in Action at USENIX LISA'07

David Beazley dave-announce at
Mon Oct 1 04:25:25 CEST 2007

All Python programmers already know that Python is a secret weapon  
for solving impossible problems while still giving you time to go on  
vacation, play in a band, and enjoy fine meals with your significant  
other.   However, do your coworkers know the real reason why you are  
so well-adjusted and happy?  Are they still skeptical curmudgeons?

Perhaps they would be interested in the "Python in Action" tutorial  
being presented at the USENIX LISA'07 conference in Dallas, November  
16th.   Further details about this tutorial are available here:

Even if you already know Python, this tutorial is for you!   Fully  
updated to Python 2.5, this tutorial will show you how to make  
effective use of modern Python features for all sorts of practical  
tasks related to data processing and systems programming.  Special  
emphasis is placed on Python's very powerful support for iteration  
including list comprehensions, generator functions, and generator  
expressions. You will even see how to build a distributed data  
processing system using nothing but a single for-loop (well, okay, a  
few other things are in there, but it's mostly the for-loop).

Presented in two parts, the tutorial starts with an introduction to  
Python with a special emphasis on tasks related to data processing.   
The second half of the tutorial takes you on a tour of systems  
programming in Python including topics related to files, the file  
system, systems interfaces, interprocess communication, concurrency,  
and networks.   The class would be especially appropriate for  
programmers experienced in other programming languages who would like  
to know what Python programming is all about.

Hope to see everyone in Dallas!

Dave Beazley

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