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Thu Oct 4 17:22:22 CEST 2007

This mail announces the release of Elisa 0.3.2 'Cheesy'.

Elisa is a project to create an open source cross platform media
center solution. While our primary development and deployment platform
is GNU/Linux and Unix operating systems we also currently support
MacOSX and also hope to support Microsoft Windows in the future. In
addition to personal video recorder functionality (PVR) and Music
Jukebox support, Elisa will also interoperate with devices following
the DLNA standard like Intel's ViiV systems.

Elisa uses Twisted and GStreamer. Twisted enables the high-level
functionality, distributing components over the network. GStreamer,
through the Python bindings, enables the high-speed low-level
functionality: actual media processing.

For more information, see
To file bugs, go to
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This is Elisa 0.3.2 "Cheesy", second release of the 0.3 branch.

Highlights of the features added since 0.3.1:

- menus reorganized (no DVD icon in main menu, it's now
  in video menu for example)
- XDG-user-dirs support
- many memory usage improvements
- localization support (english, catalan, spanish, german,
  italian, french so far)
- Elisa can now be extended to support new GStreamer based players (as plugins)
- Mouse and touchscreen support in the default frontend
- many frontend improvements (slideshow, player dock, new theme)
- F-Spot plugin
- Shoutcast plugin
- Stage6 plugin
- Improved Flickr plugin
- Rhythmbox plugin (not enabled by default)
- a plugin to list live tv mms streams (not enabled by default)
- Plugins have been splitted into bundles, some of these bundles
  will be shipped apart from Elisa in the future
- support of windows shares (smb protocol)
- UPnP improvements for Windows MediaPlayer shares

Bugs fixed since 0.3.1:

- 126: Shoutcast radios support
- 258: Menus should be able to handle hundreds of files without trouble
- 289: Tasks interactions: Slideshow and pictures
- 292: Slideshow with faulty pictures
- 328: non-square pixels support
- 347: Make use of freedesktop's xdg-user-dirs to locate media
- 456: F-spot DB media_provider
- 465: Translations
- 473: Menu appears after song is played, even if there are more in the queue
- 483: often resize leads to segfault/core dump
- 503: Main menu needs an odd number of items: it is currently missing one
- 507: Generate only needed drawables
- 519: FilterURIObserver rewrite
- 522: restructure the plugins in bundles
- 523: player should be a component
- 531: Better handling of observer exceptions
- 547: Theme saving broken on elisa installed system-wide
- 548: Segfault when trying to run elisa
- 549: Drawables and potentially models cleanup
- 556: Ubuntu 7.04  Package for 0.3.1 release
- 561: Elisa should handle nicely not found plugins that are necessary for the InterfaceController
- 563: Elisa crash when pigment is not installed
- 564: elisa.db file location
- 565: smb:// in config files does not work
- 566: Subtitles support is broken
- 568: Theme saving broken on elisa installed system-wide
- 571: Some text doesn't show up
- 575: encoding problems in upgrade (0.1.x->0.3.x) function
- 578: elisa_new.conf shouldn't it be elisa.conf?
- 580: elisa crashed after installing python-dbus
- 583: Audio playback during a pictures slideshow
- 584: dpkg problem in elisa-extra - can not overwrite
- 586: Crash -> Plugin 'poblenou' not found
- 587: pysqlite missing dep not correctly reported
- 589: Local/Local network/Internet sources should be separated nicely
- 591: Elementtree dependency missing in INSTALL file
- 595: audio/video desync
- 596: Buffering error
- 597: menu not hidden when audio player starts
- 598: playall playing only first playlist item
- 599: playall in audiocd fails
- 600: playall in video plays audio (too)
- 601: Move menu elements around to make more sense
- 602: Jerky image loading
- 603: Broken starting animation
- 605: unit-test fails because of none-type in plugin_registry
- 606: Over Sized main menu labels
- 607: Respect i18n settings by default
- 608: audio CD playback broken
- 609: Volume OSD not displayed while media is paused
- 610: Player status OSD disappears in the audio section on volume change
- 611: i18n unittest
- 613: after first video, video is not displayed
- 614: stage6 thumbnails missing
- 619: subtitle size should configurable
- 620: Removing a file triggers non-existent code in MediaScanner
- 621: i18n in classic frontend missing
- 623: a single traceback still hangs elisa completely
- 625: Player doesn't unquote (file://) URIs to play
- 626: daap_media incorrect use of MediaUri.get_param
- 628: Player states in GTK player view broken.
- 629: Broken build (poblenou tests)
- 632: media_providers broken since recent changes in media_menu_activity
- 634: Remove old subtitles settings and change the font for subtitles
- 635: get_direct_children 'add_info' parameter deprecated
- 636: Poblenou player subtitles: too low, not big enough to handle high letters
- 637: self.context sometimes None in poblenou node_view
- 638: Elisa's running out of file descriptors
- 640: Player OSD bad feedback when toggling play/pause and ugly transition between keyboard/mouse mode
- 641: Default configuration contains unnecessary options and values
- 644: Empty menu labels when going to up level
- 646: Going down in a menu cointaining lots of media nearly locks the UI until the loading is done
- 647: Drawables memory is not released
- 648: elisa display freeze on usb stick plugging during video playback
- 650: new file descriptors monitoring service
- 651: Elisa crash when config file path does not exists
- 652: Loading animation is not disabled when you play a wrong mp3 file
- 653: Playlist and player focus problems
- 654: PLaylist re-loading problem
- 656: Problems on music seeking
- 657: list_cache pop might be broken
- 658: Loading animation (while loading a menu level) stops too quickly and its animation is ugly
- 659: enqueing audio => player osd does not stay
- 660: Subtitles lookup for non-video media
- 661: Next/Prev track shortcuts
- 662: osd for playback of very long media looks bad
- 663: Index is not updated correctly on device addition/removal
- 665: wrong aspect ratio and bad quality in flickr
- 667: USB hardisk coldplug does not work
- 668: Menu level not cleaned correctly
- 669: Logging does not work for Thumbnailer
- 670: audio_cd plugin not loaded in default configuration
- 671: Trying to seek backwards when close to the start of a media does not do anything
- 672: Loading animation broken: it is very slow when the level contains many items
- 673: Substandard .desktop file (patch against SVN attached)
- 675: Player volume scale is incorrect
- 676: use pigment image cloning (set_from_image) in main menu
- 677: gnomevfs open method blocking
- 678: fspot_media returning bad real URIs
- 679: Catch OSError wherever os.mkdir is used
- 681: Navigation issue is static menu tree
- 682: Menu not shown anymore after media playback ends
- 683: Volume OSD mangled when volume set to 100%
- 685: Request next item of playlist while already at the end => playback stops
- 687: thumbnailer should not try to make a tumbnail if metadata 'default_image' is set not none
- 688: shoutcast browsing is slow with level with lot of items
- 692: re accessing the internet folder of videos lets to a wrong index
- 694: Upnp video browsing problems with windows media player
- 695: coherence_service needed by upnp_media provider
- 697: Make user tests for Flikr plugin.
- 698: Coldplug broken for already mounted hard drives
- 699: Menu labels _sometimes_ hidden if menu item has focus
- 700: Update GObject name of each pigment drawable with a readeable name
- 703: F-Spot plugin slideshow broken
- 704: Font MgOpen Cosmetica is not complete: some accentuated letters have a different style
- 705: UPnP share does not disappear when removed from network
- 707: "local network" menu not appearing when a network device is detected
- 710: Sometimes node_view theme_changed triggers an exception due to non existing object pointed by the weak reference
- 712: Can't see fspot images with the fspot plugin
- 715: Subtitles not always loaded
- 717: Seeking to the end of a video and trying to play it again does not work


You can find source releases of Elisa in the download directory:

Elisa Homepage

More details can be found on the project's website:

Support and Bugs

We use an issue tracker for bug reports and feature requests:


You can browse the repository of SVN code from our tracker.
All code is in SVN and can be checked out from there.
It is hosted on

Contributors to this release:

- Florian Boucault
- Christophe Dumas
- Alessandro Decina
- Aitor Guevara
- Benjamin Kampmann
- Lionel Martin
- Loïc Molinari
- Philippe Normand
- Josep Torra

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