ANN: Chandler 0.7.1

Heikki Toivonen heikki at
Thu Oct 11 06:39:38 CEST 2007

The Chandler Project is pleased to announce the 0.7.1 release of
Chandler Desktop!

Chandler Desktop is an open source, standards-based personal information
manager (PIM) built around small group collaboration and a core set of
information management workflows modeled on Inbox usage patterns and
David Allen's GTD methodology.

Download link, information on mailinglists, and how to get the sources
are available from the homepage:

The 0.7.1 release is the first in a series of quick, time-based releases
since Chandler Preview intended to respond to the feedback we
received from and continue to receive from these quick releases.

0.7.1 fixes over 30 bugs, including:

Bug #8981 Bug in Twisted IMAP Capabilities Parsing
Bug #9454 (Partial fix) Memory leaks in SSL code
Bug #9920 AttributeError: 'pem' while syncing with
Bug #10308 Test sharing settings when there is an SSL error times out on
first try
Bug #10309 Canceling account creation still leaves password filled in
Bug #10514 Changing triage status on newly created task crashes Chandler
Bug #10543 Attribute Error dropping .eml into Chandler (AttributeError:
'tuple' object has no attribute 'itsItem')
Bug #10702 changing back from "all day" event (recurring) puts event at
Bug #10726 (Partial fix) --undo command line arg change
Bug #10728 Send button doesn't change to update on adding an email
address to the To field
Bug #10788 Old DONE Message item popping back into NOW section
Bug #10790 Unstamping taskness from an occurrence while another Chandler
makes a change to same occurrence results in server error
Bug #10794 Update root certificates
Bug #10815 Subscribe error when no rrules or rrdates
Bug #10817 invalid index in wxListBox::SetString on deleting the
outgoing mail account in debug
Bug #10821 iCal (private) import from Google calendar locks up in the
same place each try.
Bug #10824 Don't prepopulate reload dialog with a non-existent file,
it's annoying
Bug #10828 Work with Mac OSX 10.4 IMAP Server
Bug #10829 Allow self-signed certificates (but show warning dialog)
Bug #10853 Search doesn't find matching notes
Bug #10855 Traceback when publishing to Oracle Server
Bug #10881 Orphans should have their icalUID deleted
Bug #10882 Export of chex should dump masters before occurrences
Bug #10913 AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'status'
when resubmitting an HTTP request
Bug #10941 SSL certificate errors should not be hijacked by the generic
sharing error dialog

Thanks for your interest in Chandler Desktop!

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