ordereddict 0.2

Anthon van der Neut anthon at mnt.org
Tue Oct 16 16:33:16 CEST 2007

I am pleased to announce the first public version the ordereddict module.

 From the blurb on ordereddict's home-page:

This is an implementation of an ordered dictionary with Key Insertion 
Order: updates of values do not affect the position of the key.

It implementation is directly derived from dictobject.c and its speed is 
5-10% slower than dict() and 5-9 times faster than Larosa/Foord 
excellent pure Python implemention.

This module has been tested under:
    Ubuntu 7.04, gcc : Python 2.5.1
    Ubuntu 7.04, gcc : Python 2.4.4
    Ubuntu 6.06, gcc : Python 2.5.1
    Windows XP, Visual Studio 2003: Python 2.5.1  (see below)

ordereddict's home on the web is at
there you also find the links where the source can be downloaded.

The download includes relatively complete tests for all of ordereddict's 
  functionality (all of dict() plus for now: .index(), .reverse(), 

I hope this is useful and appreciate any feedback

Anthon van der Neut

Windows specific compilation problem:
In order for things to link under Visual Studio 2003, I had to
#ifdef out the call _PyObject_GC_TRACK. I am not sure why this caused
a problem and had hoped that distutils would take care of these kind
of linker issues. Until this is resolved, or confirmed as a non-issue
please do not use this code in anything running for a longer period of
time and relying on garbagecollection to operate correctly.

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