ANNOUNCE: pygtkmvc-1.2.1 has been released

Roberto Cavada roboogle at
Wed Oct 17 10:05:42 CEST 2007

Version 1.2.1 of pygtkmvc has been released.

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About pygtkmvc

pygtkmvc is a fully Python-based implementation of the
Model-View-Controller (MVC) and Observer patterns for the PyGTK2

MVC is a pattern that can be successfully used to design and
develop well structured GUI applications. The MVC pattern
basically helps in separating semantics and data of the
application, from their representation.

The Observer pattern helps to weaken dependencies among parts that
should be separated, but need to be connected each other.

pygtkmvc provides a powerful and still simple infrastructure to
help designing and implement GUI applications based on the MVC and
Observer patterns. 

The framework has been designed to be:

* Essential and small, it does only what it was designed for.
* Not an external dependency for your application: it fits in
  80KB and can be released along with it.
* Easy to understand and to use; fully documented.
* Portable: straightly runs under many platforms.

License: LGPL

About release 1.2.1

This is a minor release that fixes a bug.
Thanks to Roman Dobosz <gryf TA elysium TOD pl> for catching it.
With respect to version 1.0.1, new version 1.2 provides:

* New features:
  - Added adapters, new entities that largely simplify and reduce
    costs and development efforts. Adapters handles autonomous
    coordination between properties into models and widgets into
    views. Roughly speaking, an adapter keeps aligned some part of
    the model and a widget in a transparent and still customizable

  - Added script gtkmvc-progen that aids developers in generating
    gtkmvc-based projects from scratch. gtkmvc-progen can be run in
    both batch and GUI modalities. For example:
    $> gtkmvc-progen name=myproj author="Wil Shakespeare" gui=no

    ... generates project "myproj" in batch mode. See the user
    manual for a full list of available options.
* Other changes
  - Spurious value changes in observable properties are no longer
    notified by default. A new optional parameter of class Observer
    allows for a backward-compatible semantics.

  - Widgets search into Views has been optimized.

  - Bug fixes and optimizations. 
    o Undefined handlers for custom widgets are correctly
      managed. Thanks to Allan Douglas <zalguod TA 
      users TOD sourceforge TOD net> for providing a working patch.

    o Fixed a subtle bug in the observer pattern implementation.

    o A few other minor fixes and optimizations. 

Roberto Cavada <roboogle TA gmail TOD com>

<P><A HREF="">pygtkmvc 1.2.1</A> - 
Pygtk MVC is a thin, multiplatform framework that helps to design 
and develop GUI applications based on the PyGTK toolkit. (17-Oct-07)

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