htmldata 1.1.1

Connelly Barnes connellybarnes at
Fri Oct 26 23:14:48 CEST 2007

Bug-fix release of htmldata, fixes error when parsing whitespace inside tags.

Description of the htmldata module, from its PyPI site:

"Extract and modify HTML/CSS URLs, translate HTML documents <-> list data structures.

The htmldata module allows one to translate HTML documents back and forth to list data structures.
This allows for programmatic reading and writing of HTML documents, with much flexibility.

Functions are also available for extracting and/or modifying all URLs present in the HTML or
stylesheets of a document.

I have found this library useful for writing robots, for "wrapping" all of the URLs on websites
inside my own proxy CGI script, for filtering HTML, and for doing flexible wget-like mirroring.

It keeps things as simple as possible, so it should be easy to learn.

Supports XHTML, too."

Connelly Barnes

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