lxml 1.3.6 released

Stefan Behnel stefan.behnel-n05pAM at web.de
Mon Oct 29 21:20:26 CET 2007

Hi all,

lxml 1.3.6 is up on PyPI. This is a bug fix release for the stable 1.3 series.
It features two important fixes for crash bugs. Updating is recommended.


** Install it with

	$ easy_install lxml==1.3.6

** What is lxml?

In short: lxml is the most feature-rich and easy-to-use library for working
with XML and HTML in the Python language.

lxml is a Pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries. It is unique
in that it combines the speed and feature completeness of these libraries with
the simplicity of a native Python API.

Have fun,

1.3.6 (2007-10-29)

Bugs fixed

* Backported decref crash fix from 2.0

* Well hidden free-while-in-use crash bug in ObjectPath

Other changes

* The test suites now run ``gc.collect()`` in the ``tearDown()``
  methods.  While this makes them take a lot longer to run, it also
  makes it easier to link a specific test to garbage collection
  problems that would otherwise appear in later tests.

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