PyCon 2008 - Call for Tutorials

Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at
Wed Oct 31 17:06:37 CET 2007

PyCon 2008 is being held in Chicago this year. The general conference is
March 14-16 with the proceeding day, March 13th, being the traditional
"tutorial day".  We have had a lot of input on topics to cover and now we
are looking for qualified instructors to sign up to present the sessions.
Tutorials are 3 hours long (with break) and instructors are paid for their
effort ($1000.00 + conference registration).

PyCon is planned and run by volunteers just like you.  Why not get involved?

Pop on over to <> for conference
details or email us at pycon-tutorials at and let us know what you
would like to present as a tutorial.

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