PyCon 2008 - Call for Tutorial Topics

Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at
Sun Sep 2 04:01:37 CEST 2007

Hello All,

We are still soliciting ideas for tutorials to put on at PyCon in Chicago
next spring.  PyCon is all about our community; under the direction of the
PSF, planned, organized and run by volunteers just like you.  We are asking
for topics that you want to see covered on the tutorial day (the day
preceding the "official" conference).  There is an additional charge for
these classes but they are taught by instructors who really know their
topics.  The following ideas have been requested (nothing has been
scheduled, yet):

   - Testing strategies
   - Intermediate Python
   - Database
   - How to "think" in Python 3000
   - Using Cheeseshop
   - SOAP/.Net (Iron Python?)
   - Programming Contest

We need more ideas before we start putting things together.  What do *you*
want to see?  This is your chance to learn from the experts (or, maybe,
*you* would like to present a class).

Let me know what class would entice you to attend the tutorials.

Greg Lindstrom
Tutorial Coordinator, PyCon 2008
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