ANNOUNCE: Gaphor 0.12.2

Arjan Molenaar a.molenaar at
Mon Sep 10 11:27:40 CEST 2007

Hi all,

There were a few problems with installation of Gaphor from .tar.gz by
easy_install. Those issues are fixed in the most recent Gaphor release:

    Gaphor 0.12.2

Now Gaphor should install on Python 2.5 as well (for 2.4 an Egg is used).

Gaphor 0.12.0

- undo/redo fixes
- allow to create packages in model tree
- improved messages on communication diagrams
- improved text align algorithms
- tagged values can be reordered and removed (like class attributes and
- text entry used to on-diagram editing is much nicer, now



Installation instructions can be found at:

Give it a try!



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