ANN: Porcupine Web Application Server 0.1.1 is out

t.koutsovassilis at t.koutsovassilis at
Tue Sep 11 00:22:42 CEST 2007

This release is mainly a bug fix release, which improves the overall
stability of Porcupine. On the server side apart from a couple of
annoying bugs being fixed, there is no new feature added.
Unlike wise, QuiX includes quite a few important updates. It is now
possible for the engine to render semi-transparent widgets by defining
their opacity attribute. Drag and drop functionality is also supported
by introducing draggables and droppables. Although this functionality
is there, it is not yet utilized by the Porcupine desktop.
Another new major productivity enhancement is that you can now define
the QuiX namespace as the default one; this means that there is no
need for namespace declaration (those strange "a:" before each node's
tag name) for each one of the nodes of a QuiX document.
There is also a new flow box widget, which automatically re-arranges
its contained widgets in wrappable rows based on its size.
Additionally, have a look at the custom QuiX widgets created for the
Porcupine desktop. These widgets include ready made editors for the
"Relator1" and "RelatorN" data types and a custom widget for editing
each object's security descriptor. They will help you understand how
to create your own custom widgets.

I hope you'll find this release quite stable and useful.

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