ANN: pyFltk-1.1.2

andreas a.held at
Wed Sep 12 08:17:55 CEST 2007


This is to announce the general availability of pyFltk-1.1.2.

pyFltk is a Python binding for the FLTK GUI toolkit (see
can be downloaded from

Changes include:
- support for Python objects in callbacks
- new interactive mode (courtesy of Michiel de Hoon)
- resolution of several compilation issues using MinGW and Linux
- improved documentation
- several bugfixes

FLTK and pyFltk are a very simple and intuitive GUI toolkit, enabling
you to create professional user interfaces with a minimal effort. For
instance, consider the following Hello World program, complete with
button callback:

from fltk import *
import sys

def theCancelButtonCallback(ptr):

window = Fl_Window(100,100,200,90, sys.argv[0])
button = Fl_Button(9,20,180,50)
button.label("Hello World")

See for more examples.

Best regards


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