Announcing Python North-West

g.lacava at g.lacava at
Wed Sep 12 22:12:36 CEST 2007

On the wave of the great time we had at PyConUK, it was decided we
should have a proper mailing list dedicated to English North-West-
based Python
users... so here it comes!

The list is open to everyone in the area who loves
coding/playing/enjoying Python. To join, you don't need to know your
django from your pylons or your pyqt from your wxwindows... and
certainly you don't need to pronounce WSGI. Don't worry, it's going to
be uber-informal and very low-traffic, and I promise we won't use
lolcats (not much anyway).

The group homepage, from where you can subscribe, is:
and the email address to use for posting:
>> python-north-west at
(ideas on how to link this list/announce to other social software are

Best regards, and happy coding!
Giacomo Lacava

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