musync 0.3 beta

John-John Tedro johnjohn.tedro at
Wed Apr 2 11:01:15 CEST 2008

Musync is an command-line interface tagger which uses mutagen to read 
meta data from music-files, and tries to create a sane file structure 
from the collected tags.

It utilizes sub processing for file handling which enables it to execute 
practically any command desirable.

It's weakness is that it relies on the files meta data to be correct so 
you must manually tag all the files beforehand. This is not a feature 
planned in future releases. Use an external program like PicardTagger 
for this purpose.

Musync is not an interactive tool, it will never prompt for anything but 
try to make intelligent choices from the arguments received at execution.

I'm in desperate need of third party testers to try this out for errors, 
and hoped there were someone interested in slaughtering their 
music-library for the sake of organization.

I use this tool myself, since i find gui-apps annoying and haven't found 
a reasonable alternative to this.

theres also instructions on how to get a snapshot (using svn), but I've 
also created a small http-wrapper so you can download the snapshot in a 

read more at:

0.3 Beta is just an internal version count, don't take it too seriously 
a.t.m. It could just as-well be called r450.

Have fun with my blood and tears.


* the original though of musync was to sync DAP's (digital audio 
players) with a music library, which it still does marvelously. That and 
a bit more.

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