[ANN] EuroSciPy Registration now open

Travis Vaught travis at enthought.com
Thu Apr 10 22:13:08 CEST 2008


I'm pleased to announce that the registration for the first-annual  
EuroSciPy Conference is now open.


Please take advantage of the early-bird rate and register soon.  We'd  
love to have an early idea of attendance so that we can scale the  
venue appropriately (the available room is flexible in this regard).

The EuroSciPy Conference will be held July 26-27, 2008 in Leipzig,  

About EuroSciPy
EuroSciPy is designed to complement the popular SciPy Conferences  
which have been held for the last 7 years at Caltech (the 2008 SciPy  
Conference in the U.S. will be held the week of August 19-24).   
Similarly, the EuroSciPy Conference provides a unique opportunity to  
learn and affect what is happening in the realm of scientific  
computing with Python. Attendees will have the opportunity to review  
the available tools and how they apply to specific problems.

By providing a forum for developers to share their Python expertise  
with the wider commercial, academic, and research communities, this  
conference fosters collaboration and facilitates the sharing of  
software components, techniques and a vision for high level language  
use in scientific computing. Typical presentations include general  
python use in the sciences, as well as NumPy and SciPy usage for  
general problem solving.  Beyond the excellent talks, there are inter- 
session discussions that prove stimulating and helpful.

The direct link to the registration site is here:


The registration fee will be 100.00€ for early registrants and will  
increase to 150.00€ for late registration (after June 15).  
Registration will include breakfast, snacks and lunch for Saturday and  

Call for Participation
If you are interested in presenting at the EuroSciPy Conference you  
may submit an abstract in Plain Text, PDF or MS Word formats to euroabstracts at scipy.org 
  . The deadline for abstract submission is April 30,2008. Papers and/ 
or presentation slides are acceptable and are due by June 15, 2008.  
Presentations will be allotted 30 minutes.

Please pass this announcement along to any other relevant contacts.

Many Thanks,

Travis N. Vaught

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