Sybase module 0.39 released

Sébastien Sablé sable at
Mon Apr 14 12:09:10 CEST 2008


The Sybase module provides a Python interface to the Sybase relational
database system.  It supports all of the Python Database API, version
2.0 with extensions.

The module is available here:

The module home page is here:


* Added type mapping as proposed in by Carsten Haese
* Handle engineer notation of numbers in numeric
* Added support for CS_DATE_TYPE
* Added support for python Decimal objects in databuf
* Possibility to use ct_cursor for some requests
* Refactoring - merged Fetchers, CTCursor and CmdCursor in Cursor
* Refactored _cancel_cmd
* Added a prepare method to Cursor
* Additional 'locale' argument to connect and Connection to set the
   locale of the connection thanks to patch by Harri Pasanen
* Better compliance with DBAPI: returns None in nextset when no more
* Added conversion from string to int when assigning to a CS_INT_TYPE


* Corrected "undefined symbol" date_datafmt for Sybase versions where
   CS_DATE_TYPE is not defined (as reported by Alexey Morsov)


* Corrected documentation about CS_CONTEXT Objects thanks to bug
   report by Derek Harland (close tracker 1748109)
* Corrected bug in close() if connection killed from outside thanks to
   patch by Derek Harland (close tracker 1746220)
* Corrected bug if inherit from Sybase.Connection thanks to patch by
   Derek Harland (close tracker 1719789)
* Optimization in fetchall - using fetchmany instead of fetchone to
   avoid locking time penalty, thanks to patch by Derek Harland (close
   tracker 1746908)
* Corrections to compile with bcp-support against freetds thanks to
   patch by Klaus-Martin Hansche (close tracker 1724088)
* Corrected documentation to compile with FreeTDS and Threads thanks
   to Derek Harland (close tracker 1709043)
* Corrected bug in databuf_alloc: Sybase reports the wrong maxlength
   for numeric type - verified with Sybase 12.5 - thanks to patch
   provided by Phil Porter
* Better detection of Sybase libraries
* the C API to datetime only exists since python 2.4 - disable
   datetime with previous versions
* Corrected python long handling (using CS_NUMERIC instead of CS_LONG
   which is unspecified)
* Corrected various compilation warnings (some linked to python 2.5)

The full ChangeLog is here:

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