DoIt 0.1.0 Released

Eduardo Schettino schettino72 at
Thu Apr 17 19:30:18 CEST 2008

DoIt - A task execution tool (build-tool)

This is the first public release of DoIt

Release: DoIt 0.1.0
License: MIT
Maintainer: schettino72 at


DoIt is a build tool that focus not only on making/building things but on
executing any kind of tasks in an efficient way. Designed to be easy to use
and "get out of your way".

DoIt like most build tools is used to execute tasks defined in a
configuration file. Configuration files are python modules. The tasks can be
python functions (or any callable) or an external shell script. DoIt
automatically keeps track of declared dependencies executing only tasks that
needs to be update (based on which dependencies have changed).

In DoIt, unlike most(all?) build-tools, a task doesn't need to define a target
file to use the execute only if not up-to-date feature. This make DoIt
specially suitable for running test suites.

DoIt can be used to perform any task or build anything, though it doesn't
support automatic dependency discovery for any language.


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