ANN: PyEnchant 1.4.0

Ryan Kelly ryan at
Sat Apr 19 03:30:11 CEST 2008

Hi All,

  I'm pleased to announce the release of PyEnchant version 1.4.0.  This
version brings compatibility with the latest release of the underlying
enchant library, including some new features.



ChangeLog for 1.4.0:

* upgrade to enchant v1.4.0, with new functionality and APIs:
  * unicode PWL filenames now handled correctly on Windows
  * All dictionary providers now use a shared default personal word file
    (largely obsoleting the DictWithPWL class)
  * Ability to exclude words using Dict.remove, remove_from_session
    (such words will always be marked as misspelled)
  * Dict.add_to_personal renamed to Dict.add
    (but the old name still works, for backwards-compatibility)
  * Dict.is_added/Dict.is_removed for checking membership of word lists
* upgrade bundled glib DLLs in Windows version


Enchant ( is the spellchecking
package behind the AbiWord word processor, is being considered for
inclusion in the KDE office suite, and is proposed as a standard. It's completely cross-platform because
it wraps the native spellchecking engine to provide a uniform

PyEnchant brings this simple, powerful and flexible spellchecking
engine to Python:

It also provides extended functionality including classes for tokenizing
text and iterating over the spelling errors in it, as well as a
ready-to-use text interface and dialogs for wxPython and GTK.

Current Version: 1.4.0
Licence: LGPL with exemptions, as per Enchant itself

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