ANN: EPD - Enthought Python Distribution released

Travis Vaught travis at
Tue Apr 22 01:59:24 CEST 2008


Enthought is pleased to announce the release of the Enthought Python  
Distribution (EPD) version 2.5.2001.

This release makes available both the RedHat 3.x (amd64) and Windows  
XP (x86) installers.  OS X, Ubuntu and more (modern) RHEL versions are  
coming soon(!).

About EPD
The Enthought Python Distribution is a "kitchen-sink-included"  
distribution of the Python Programming Language as well as over 60  
additional tools and libraries.  It includes NumPy, SciPy, IPython, 2D  
and 3D visualization, database adapters and a lot of other tools right  
out of the box.  Enthought is offering access to this bundle as a free  
service to academic and other non-profit organizations.  We also offer  
an annual fee-based subscription service for Commercial and  
Governmental users to download and update the software bundle.  
(Everyone may try it out for free.  Please see the License Information  

Included Software
A short list includes:
Python 2.5.2, NumPy, SciPy, Traits, Mayavi, Chaco, Kiva, Enable,  
Matplotlib, wxPython and VTK.

The complete list of software with version numbers is available here:

License Information
EPD is a bundle of software, every piece of which is available  
separately for free under various open-source licenses.  Not-for- 
profit, private-sector access to the bundle and its updates is, and  
will remain, free under the terms of the Subscription Agreement (see 
  ).  Commercial and Governmental users may try the bundle for free  
for 30 days.  After the trial period, users may purchase a one-year  
subscription to download and update the bundle.  Downloaded software  
obtained under the subscription agreement may be used by the  
subscriber in perpetuity.

This model should sound familiar, as our commercial offering is quite  
similar to the business model of a certain linux distributor.  More  
information is also available in the FAQ ( 
  ).  For larger deployments, or those with special build or  
distribution needs, an Enterprise Subscription is also available.

EPD is compelling because it solves a thorny packaging and  
distribution problem, but also because of the libraries which it  
includes.  The folks here at Enthought would like to thank the Python  
developer community and the wider community that authors and  
contributes to these included libraries.  We put these things to work  
every day and would be much less productive without them.  So, thanks!

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