ANN:, a clean speech recognition module

Michael Gundlach gundlach at
Mon Aug 4 18:31:54 CEST 2008

I'm moderately pleased to announce the arrival of a speech recognition and
synthesis module for Windows,

The 'speech' module provides a clean and simple interface to the Microsoft
Speech Kit.  It's very easy to use within a program that needs to listen for
specific phrases or general speech, or that needs to speak.  I created it
because the only Python speech recognition code on the web was an example
that was clumsy to use and couldn't be turned off.

Its most important functions are "listenfor", to execute callbacks upon
hearding specific phrases; "listenforanything", for dictation; and "say", to
speak out loud.  Multiple listeners can be running at once, and individual
listeners can be turned off when you're done with them.

It lives at, and is available on PyPI via
'easy_install speech' .  I'd love feedback or comments -- they'd make my

Michael Gundlach
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