bbfreeze 0.96.2

Ralf Schmitt schmir at
Tue Aug 5 10:51:06 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I uploaded bbfreeze 0.96.2 to python's cheeseshop.
bbfreeze creates standalone executables from python scripts (similar to py2exe).
bbfreeze works on windows and unix-like operating systems (no OS X
bbfreeze is able to freeze multiple scripts, handle egg files and
track binary dependencies.

This release contains the following changes:
- a slightly patched getpath.c from python trunk has been
  added. This should fix sys.getfilesystemencoding() for statically
  linked python. We also try to link with the static library in case
  the shared one has been linked with -Bsymbolic (which makes it
  impossible to override the necessary symbols). This happens e.g. on
  Ubuntu 8.04.
- __file__ in the main program now has a .py suffix. This prevents
  garbage output from the warnings module.
- some recipes have been added (mostly breaking some unneeded
- explicit recipes for the email module have been added. the email
  module isn't added as a whole.
- the setup script now reports the configuration used.
- bbfreeze now tracks dependencies from eggs (i.e. dependencies
  specified in the egg's script).

More information can be found in the package index: bbfreeze/

The development repository (mercurial) can be found here:

I've also setup a google group for discussion:
It's homepage is
You can subscribe by sending email to bbfreeze-users-subscribe at
or ask questions by sending email to bbfreeze-users at

- Ralf

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