Cryha - hasher and cipher in data bases [Feedback]

Kless jonas.esp at
Thu Aug 7 20:08:27 CEST 2008

Cryha [1] allows to manage password hashs and encrypted text easily in
data bases. Its main use is on web frameworks.

I created a little TG2 project [2] with Cryha installed and configured
to run, for if anybody wants to check that it is working well on its
system. I need any *feedback* before of uploading the module to PyPi.

* Before of use it, you need read the install file [3]

Unzip archive, enter in directory and run::

    $ cd test-cryha
    $ paster setup-app development.ini

You can see the password that is stored as base-64::

    $ cat data/schema_k

See data in data base, to see as are stored passwords and emails::

    $ sqlite3 devdata.db
    > .tables
    > SELECT * FROM tg_user;

Check decrypting and login checking, and that both work with Unicode

    $ paster shell

    u = model.User(password='yep', email='bar', nickname='foo')
    u.check_login('manager', 'managepassÑ')
    print u.decrypt_email('manager')


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