ANN: eric 4.2.0 released

Detlev Offenbach detlev at
Sat Aug 9 10:46:21 CEST 2008


I am proud to announce the immediate availability of eric 4.2.0. It is
available via

The highlight of changes are as follows.

- added API file for Ruby
- added Ruby API file for eric4 Ruby files
- enhanced the API file generation tool and dialog

- reorganized the configuration dialog
- changed settings from native format to ini format

- added functionality to mark all occurrances of a searched text
- enhanced unicode support (added utf-16 and utf-32)
- added an action to insert a new line below the current one
- added capability to save the folding state of a file in the session
- added capability to save the open multi project and the open project in
  the global session file

General VCS support:
- added an LED to signal the project's VCS status to the project viewer

- added capability to save UML like graphics as SVG
- added capability to display SVG files

Help Viewer:
- added a QWebKit based help viewer (available if Qt 4.4 is installed)

- added HTTPS support to plugin repository dialog (for Qt 4.3 and newer)

- added multiproject support
- added storage key PROJECTTYPESPECIFICDATA for project type specific
  data (may be used by project type plugins)
- moved all supporting project management files (e.g. tasks file) to a
  management subdirectory

- made Shell history more comfortable by
  -- selecting from history via a dialog
  -- list the history in a dialog with capabilities to
     --- delete entries
     --- copy entries to the current editor
     --- execute entries in the shell

- extended the templates system to support a few predefined variables
  (thanks to Dan Bullok)

- added a toolbar manager and a toolbar configuration dialog
- cleaned up the default toolbars

- added Spanish translations from Jaime Seuma
- added Turkish translations from Serdar Koçdaş

- enhancements to the class browsers
- added print preview capability (available if Qt 4.4 is installed)
- added new default icon set based on the Oxygen icons

- added a viewmanager plugin using the new QMdiArea
- added double click action to the tabview viewmanager. Double clicking
  the space right of the last tab opens a new editor.

What is eric?
eric is a Python and Ruby IDE that comes with batteries included. Please
see the eric web site for details.

Detlev Offenbach
detlev at

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