ANN: yolk 0.4.1

Rob Cakebread rob at
Mon Aug 11 20:55:46 CEST 2008

yolk 0.4.1 has been released. This is mainly a bugfix release.


  * Added HTTP proxy support for XML-RPC
  * -f is now case-insensitive
  * -S does not return the entire PyPI index if a package doesn't exist 
(this was fixed upstream in PyPI)
  * Check for integer with -L

What is yolk?

yolk is a command-line client and library for querying installed Python 
packages on your system and packages in The Python Package Index (PyPI).


  * List installed Python packages (all, active, non-active, develpment 
  * Show which installed packages have updates available on PyPI
  * Show all metadata for a package or individual fields, installed or 
via PyPI
  * Show just URLs for source, egg or repository (SVN etc.)
  * Show setuptools entrypoints for a module
  * All commands available through PyPI's XML-RPC interface

yolk uses a setuptools-based plugin system.

Third-party plugins

  * yolk-portage - Shows which packages were installed via Gentoo 
Linux's package manager and which were installed directly via 

Applications based on yolklib

  * g-pypi - Creates ebuilds for Gentoo Linux by querying PyPI
  * qyolk - GUI for yolk in QT

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