Regular Toronto Area Python User's Group this Tuesday 7pm

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Thu Aug 14 05:38:17 CEST 2008

We'll be holding our regular Toronto Area Python User's Group meeting 
this coming Tuesday at 7pm at Linux Caffe.  Tentative topic: "Profiling, 
debugging, testing, a discussion of tools, tricks and techniques"

Looking to pool our resources on what tools, tricks and techniques are 
available for debugging (Python) code, particularly larger projects, but 
if you have something that really helps for small projects that would be 
cool too. Bring your favourite ideas and share them with the group.

Linux Caffe is at the corner of Grace and Harbord, one block South of 
Christie subway station.  More location details on the web-site:

Have fun all,

PS: Speaking of the web-site, we have some new text proposed for the 
group's mission statement, we should take a few minutes to discuss that 
at some point.

  Mike C. Fletcher
  Designer, VR Plumber, Coder

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