Lepton particle engine 0.6a released

Casey Duncan casey.duncan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 04:26:34 CEST 2008

I'm pleased to announce the 0.6 alpha release of Lepton, a
high-performance, pluggable particle engine and API for Python.
Although it is still under development, a critical mass of features
are completed and I think it is ready for wider consumption. Note that
this is an alpha release, so expect the API to change somewhat in
future releases. New features are also under development.

The engine is designed to be very flexible and does not rely on any
other libraries directly. You can use it either with OpenGL (via
pyglet or PyOpenGL), or with pygame by selecting the appropriate
renderer. Examples are provided using pyglet and pygame.

The project page is here:


You can also get it via pypi here:


One of the missing pieces right now is a native binary installer for
Windows. It can be compiled using cygwin or MinGW, but we could use
some help getting it working with MSVC. If anyone would like to
contribute their Visual Studio expertise, it would be greatly

If you have questions or comments or would like to contribute, you can
join our google group at:




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