ANN: pyspread 0.0.9

Martin Manns mmanns at
Mon Aug 25 00:52:56 CEST 2008

pyspread 0.0.9 has been released.

pyspread is a spreadsheet that accepts a pure python expression in
each cell.

New features:
+ Find & Replace
+ Undo & Redo
+ New context menu in grid
+ Improved speed especially for large grids
+ Relative addressing revamped
+ CSV import improved
+ Icons changed to Tango iconset
+ Docstrings improved
+ Bug fixes in print framework

+ Numpy high performance arrays for spreadsheet calculation
+ Full access to python batteries from each cell
+ No non-python syntax add-ons
+ 3D grid
+ Cell access via slicing of numpy array S
+ X, Y, and Z yield current cell location for relative reference

Please use distutils for installation.
Make sure that the old files are deleted:
$ su
$ rm -Rf [MyPythonPath]/site-packages/pyspread*
$ python install
$ exit

Requires: Python >=2.4, Numpy >=1.1.0, and wxPython >=
License: GPL

Project page:


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