ANN: v0.5 of, the Python speech recognition module

Michael Gundlach gundlach at
Mon Aug 25 02:21:33 CEST 2008

I'm pleased to announce version 0.5 of the Python speech recognition module,

What is
=============== provides a clean and simple interface to the Microsoft Speech Kit,
allowing your Windows Python program to speak out loud and to recognize
spoken input.

Installation: "easy_install speech" (you may also need one or two programs
that are available via the homepage)

What's new in version 0.5?

The most important addition is support for synchronous speech recognition,
allowing you to detect speech much as raw_input() detects typing.  For
example, the following code detects speech and repeats what was heard:

  import speech
  answer = speech.input("Say something.")
  speech.say("You said: %s" % answer)
  answer = speech.input("Say a number less than three.", ["Zero", "One",
  speech.say("You picked %s" % answer)

(This is in addition to the existing asynchronous API, allowing you to
register callbacks to execute whenever certain spoken text is heard.)

This release also represents a stabilization of the API and documentation --
thank you to the users to worked with early versions of the module as the
API was refined.  This will likely be the last release announced before 1.0,
when support for grammar state machines is added.

Example application: MusicButler

An example application is available at --
a robot that learns your MP3 collection and then lets you control your
stereo via voice interaction..  MusicButler is in alpha and doesn't warrant
its own announcement yet; but it is a good example of a complex speech
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